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Zero Waste Recipes:
Food Waste is the Spookiest Part of Halloween
Like many other holidays, Halloween leads to an uptick in food waste when pumpkins are thrown off the porch and into the trash on November 1st. Check out our blog for some tips to carve this year's jack-o'-lantern sustainably!
Courtesy of Second Helpings.
Todd Ginsberg's Celery Leaves and Core Salad
Did you know that many plants are entirely edible? Root-to-stem cooking helps reduce food waste by using every part of the plant. The General Muir's Todd Ginsberg shares his Celery Leaves and Core Salad as a delicious way to reduce your food waste at home. For recipe, click here

Courtesy of Second Helpings.

Zero Waste Vegetable Stock from Marc Pollack

Marc always has leftover ‘ends’ to his vegetables when preparing foundations for dishes, including things like mirepoix (onion, carrot & celery) or the holy trinity (green pepper, celery & onion).  He says, “These make for a great base for vegetable stock, particularly if you add a couple of basic whole vegetables.” For the recipe, click here. Courtesy of Second Helpings. 


What can you do with a can of potatoes?

A #10 can of potatoes has more potatoes than a 5 pound bag! Click here to learn tips for using canned potatoes. 

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